ManuVision Model Zoo
  • Inspection
  • Localization
  • Measurement
  • Recognition
  1. Lipstick Glue Inspection
    Checking omission or missing of the core glue in the lipstick
    Screw Defect Inspection
    Detection of scratches, crushes, foreign objects, and poor plating on the screw shaft
    Engineering Radar Waveform Analysis
    Identify steel bars, arches, lining thickness, voids, etc. in the waveform diagram.
    Textile Fiber Composition Analysis
    Identify composition, number, diameter and other related information of the textile fiber under the microscope
    Apple Damage Inspection
    Detect the location of damage to the apple
  2. Line Object Tracking
    Production line object tracking in real time.
    Robotic Arm Position Guiding
    Guide the robotic arm to complete the detection of key-points of the engine in vision.
  3. Clothing Size Measurement
    Identify the location of key-points of clothing, and complete size measurement.
  4. Laptop Character Recognition
    Automatically locate the target area and recognize the characters in the area.
    Automatic Mileage Recognition
    Automatically recognize the mileage information and filter out the uncaring content.
    Character Recognition on Metal Surfaces
    Identify stains and fuzzy character on the metal surface.