AI Solutions for Retail Industry

AI Solutions for Retail Industry

Smart Shop
Introduce computer vision technology into storefronts Enhance customer experience using face and object recognition, smart sensors, & robots.
Smart Store Operation
Eliminate storefront pain points and increase sales and operation efficiency through machine learning and store modularization.
Smart Customer Management
Build a fully integrated online-offline, customer- oriented operations and membership system.
Smart Supply Chain
Improve supply chain efficiency, through AI- empowered control of information, logistics, and capital flow based on demonstrated demands.
Smart Internal Operation
Facilitate rapid expansion and growth by using AI to do team management and talent training to reduce cost.

Retail Scenario Solutions

Smart Vending Machine
- High Precision Recognition
- ID Verification
- Intelligent Operation
- Low Vending Machine Cost
- Flexible Product Configuration
- Flexible Product Configuration
Self-Checkout Solution
- Accurate Multi-Item Recognition
- Intelligent Sales Forecasting
- Improve Labor Productivity
- Automatic Checkout
- Improve Labor Productivity
- Fast
Shelf Intelligence Solution
- Shelf Product ID
- Shelf Statistics
- Onsite Sales Analysis
- Intelligent Inventory
AI Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

“Manufacturing has always been the basic source of technological innovation, as well as the driving force of economic growth. “As the State Council of China proposed “Made in China 2025” initiative and issued the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, this marked that artificial intelligence has officially entered the historical stage as a national strategy. Currently, the traditional manufacturing industry is faced with complex and ever-changing business scenarios. Using AI modeling, computer vision and pattern recognition, and other algorithms, we seek to optimize traditional business processes, improve efficiency, and drive forward the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

- Smart Quality Assurance
- Smart Sorting
- Equipment Maintenance Pre-alarm
- Production Resource Allocation
Supply Chain
- Smart Replenishment
- Stock Forecast and Optimization
- Sales Forecast
- Personalized Marketing Recommendation
- Smart Pricing
- Spare Parts Forecast
- Forecast Service Maintenance
- Delivering Path Planning
AI Solutions for Finance Solution

China's banking industry is faced with intensifying competition and declining profits caused by interest rate liberalization. The Internet era also brought about profound upgrading and transformation of the financial industry. Accompanying economic development came with rising labor costs and a surge of new risk from competition for customers and business. Under this backdrop, AI technology can assist organizations in China’s banking sector improve their customer service and enhance their market competitiveness. In the Internet era, insurance companies face heightened customer expectations for personalized and price-differentiated products, higher service demands in claim settlements, and increasing demand for insurance products addressing real-life needs. With AI, China’s insurance companies will be able to improve personalized service and enhance market competitiveness.

Smart Underwriting

Insurance companies can improve their offering of underwriting services and enable smart underwriting for customers by leveraging OCR, NLP and deep learning technology.

Omni-channel Intelligent Assistant

Natural language processing technology applied to omni-channel service support in the finance industry can optimize service capabilities and customer experience across multiple service channels.

Smart Loss Assessment

Loss assessment services can be improved by leveraging image recognition and deep learning technology, enabling quick and smart claim settlements for customers.

Smart Recommendation

Smart recommendation of financial products integrated with real-life scenarios can be realized with deep learning technology applied towards personalized product sorting and portfolio recommendation.

Smart Pricing

AI technology assists financial companies in assessing customer risks, market demand, competition and customer difference; as well as smart analysis of customer behavior based on online and offline data to determine personalized, flexible and smart prices.

PUE Management

For standard data centers, AI-powered solutions are available for refined and smart operational, maintenance, and energy efficiency management – which includes data collection access, AI algorithm platforms, and feedback evaluation systems. These systems form an integrated set of systems to assist operational staff with the precision management of energy consumption, resulting in improved PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and enhanced operational efficiency.